The Block was a gigantic cube of immense arcane power said to be matched only by the gods themselves. After changing hands several times, the relic was eventually shattered in the recent invasion of the Dark Emperor. The Block was too mighty to be destroyed, however, and the debris has come to be known as the Lost Shards.


It is unclear when it was created, but the Shard Seekers have recently discovered that it was Krikorian himself who forged the Block before the rise of the Tiefling Empire from the ritual sacrifice of countless. It is during this time that the souls of the Shard Martyrs were trapped within.

The Rise of Bæl Tuath

Although the origins of the abysmal relic are now better understood, it is still a mystery how the Block fell into the hands of tieflings wizards. What is clear, however, is that the Block granted the tieflings enough power to defeat the Arcadians and conquer Realm for centuries.

The Coalition of Goodly

The capture of the Block by Artes Straightsword and the other heroes of the Coalition sealed the fate of evil empire of Bæl Tuath. Robbed of their infinite supply of magic, the tiefling wizards were eventually overcome by the Coalition.

The Shattering

A disturbed ritual in the capitol city of Artesia resulted in a horrific cacophony of magic. The Block exploded and its remains were scattered over all the land of Realm. It is feared that if the Dark Emperor is able to retrieve enough of the shards, he will be able to reforge the Block.


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