The Shattering of the Block

Once upon a time on the magical island of Realm, a great war was fought over the most powerful relic of the ancients: the Block. It was said to house terrible powers capable of destroying or saving the world. The Great Coalition of the Goodly were able to wrestle the Block away from the evil wizards of Bæl Tuath, and the Tiefling Empire fell. An era of peace was enjoyed by all peoples of Realm. In particular a new civilization founded by the human Warlord Artes flourished as the leader of a new alliance – the Kingdom of Artesia.

Centuries later a shadow rose up in the mountains of the fallen demonic empire – a new Dark Emperor had arisen! It began a relentless campaign to steal the Block from the Magical Kingdom. During a climatic battle in the capitol city, the forces of good were slowly overcome by the minions of Dark Emperor Krikorian. In the end a lone party of adventurers, brought together by friendship and really bad timing, stood between the horrific minions of the Emperor and the ancient Block.

They were totally decimated.

Yet in the dark rituals that followed as the Emperor’s eunuch sorcerers attempted to activate the Block’s cataclysmic powers, something went wrong. The brave princess Katella leapt in and disrupted the magic spell that would have transported the Block back to Gorge, Krikorian’s fortress. The cacophony of magic resulted in an enormous arcane explosion which split the Block into hundreds of smaller shards, each of which flew out from the castle courtyard. Each shard of the Block was scattered somewhere over the wide land of Realm. The people of Realm were horrified to find that each shard held distinct and terrible powers. For then on that fateful day was known as The Horrible Day of the Great Shattering of the Block, Which We Probably Shouldn’t Have Had Around Anyway or B-Day.

In a torrent of ancient magic, the party was raised from shadow and found themselves alive once again, although feeling somehow incomplete. They were charged by High King Arnold and the Emissaries of Wisdom to seek out the Lost Shards wherever they may have fallen. With the Shards retrieved the heroes are sure to feel restored to their former selves, and the land of Realm will be safe once more.


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